events and e-tickets

Events list and sale of e-tickets for entertaining events in the big touristic cities. Furort solves the problem of searching and convenient purchasing of tickets for events in your city and during the trip.
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Find the most interesting events all over the world in one place. Buying tickets is easy, there is no more queues. Take your friends or find new ones with the same interests.


Check e-tickets with mobile app easily. Furort helps quickly and easily add events and establish the sale of tickets over the world.

Find event

Flying away to Barcelona in the morning and in the evening you want to go to a concert? Now you can find interesting events all over the world on one website. Simple design makes it easy and pleasurable.

Buy e-ticket

Submit payment via the Internet and receive an e-ticket with a barcode immediately. Now you can not only plan your trips but also buy tickets for events all over the world in advance.

Take a company

Take your friends or find new company. Furort offers a list of people with the same interests who are also looking for the company. Have fun with people that are on the same wavelength.

Scan and enter

After receiving the e-ticket on you phone just scan it on the enter and enjoy the event. There is no more necessity to print it. Event organizers can easily check tickets with no special equipment just with mobile app.

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